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Here is your temple - EP | FESTIVALPHOTO

Here is your temple - EP



Here is your temple are a Swedish Alt-Pop band who have just released this, their debut EP.

Brief comments on a few of the songs.

'So high' has a heavy bass beat coupled with some nice synth work and some guitars that sound almost like chimes. Add some smooth vocals and you've got a great track.

'Big way' has an opening section that sounds very much like the White Stripes until the synth kicks in and gives the song a different sound.

'Daniel' has a quite different sound - acoustic guitar coupled with soft vocals for the first half of this song realy shows a different side to the band. It sounds great and proves that they aren't just reliant on heavy use of the synth. Even when the pace picks up for the second half of the song, it's still not quite as synth-heavy as the other songs.

This is a really good EP - there's a really diverse range of sounds here so all the songs stand out from each other. 'So high' is the first single and you can watch the video below.

Track listing:

1. So high
2. Once rich
3. Say hey
4. Big way
5. Daniel

Here is your temple are:

Andreas Hourdakis (Guitar)
Olle Nyman (Drums)
Emily McWilliam (Vocals)
Ille Borg (Bass)
och Mikael Svensson (Keyboards)

Writer: Anthony May
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