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The Goddamn Electric - Snake bite | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Goddamn Electric - Snake bite



Manchester band The Goddamn Electric formed in January 2010, and released their debut EP in late 2011. Now at the start of 2013 they are releasing their debut album - Snake Bite. The band are named after the Pantera song of the same name, and the album is either intended to sound wild, or it's named after their favourite drink.

The band look like they're going to have a good year with the release of their debut album, festival appearances already confirmed at Hammerfest, Scarfest and Les-fest, gigs with Massive Wagons and Jettblack, an album launch show and who knows what else is still to come.

Until I was sent the album to review I must admit I hadn't listened to them at all. I knew the name as I've seen plenty of their gigs advertised but I'd never quite got as far as listening to them. Well after listening to it a few times I have to say I wish I'd listened to them sooner - this is an excellent album.

The music is guitar-driven heavy rock, and the vocals are excellent. At times the album reminds me of Black stone cherry or Michael Monroe's last album but the vocals in particular are very varied.

The album is less than 40 minutes long, so there won't be any problems should the band decide to release a vinyl version at some point - at that duration it can be pressed without compromising quality.

Brief comments on a couple of the tracks..

The album opens with "Loyal to the sinner" - a superb track with a good strong guitar riff, and some great vocals. It's my favourite track on the album, and is a track that definitely ought to earn them some new fans.

"Holding me" is a slow paced track. It's not got the feel of a ballad though - you constantly get the feeling during the first half of the song that they are struggling to keep it slow and gentle, and then you get proved right when they suddenly unleash a lot more power and pick up the pace.

The final track, "San Francisco" is only 1.21 long - except its not - it's got 20 seconds of silence at the start of it and fades out very early, so in reality it's less than one minute, but that's ok as it's not really a song as such - it's a short instrumental outro.

An excellent debut album from The Goddamn Electric.

Rating: 9/10

Track listing:

1. Loyal to the sinner
2. Morning injection
3. Scarecrow
4. Jealous contradiction
5. Something more
6. Revive and survive
7. Snake bite
8. Too dirty
9. Holding me
10. San Francisco

The Goddamn Electric are:

Tommy - Vocals
Al - Lead Guitar
Gavin - Drums
Justin - Bass

Writer: Anthony May
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