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A dark rock band – Six Inch formed in Helsinki, Finland in the grey autumn of 2010. After few changes in the crew Andy Moisio, a singer with strong and really personal voice took place as the band`s vocalist from the next spring in 2011. Then Six Inch released its first two song demo in the summer and later in the same year an EP, containing five more rockn’ and more heavy, soulful songs. During the winter months in 2012 violinist Pinja and keyboardist Nestori joined the band so the sound became more dark, mysterious, and passionate. That’s how Six Inch finally got its own totally foggy, romantic and misty feeling on the way to release their debut album, which will appear in the era somewhere in this spring in 2013. As the promise of the good work, a music video and the first single of ‘Melancholic Whisper Of Life’ coming soon in the next weeks, the band held it out.

Before the release I faced a few questions to the singer, Moisio. “Debut album sounds like... if you mix somehow power of old Korn, sentience from Marilyn Manson and message of Nightwish together- then you get a picture, that’s our album. Sounds very big and dark with orchestra stuffs and film-like music.” With a violinist, keyboardist and cello, they totally spin up their music’s whole ‘echo of Finland feeling’. “This album will be an epic. A whisper of our feelings and life. I hope we created something new in that music style.”- said the vocalist, Moisio. And I think he will have right.

I also asked him to pick and recommend his 3 favorite Six Inch songs:
A ballad called ‘Living Dead’ is the number one song for me, as this is the first what we have ever recorded with Six Inch- that`s why it is really important for me and for the whole band. A really heavy and strong song as life and death thoughts are sticking on our throat, screaming to live, or die. ‘Drug For Love’ is also a favorite, with a bit different thoughts. That’s our punk attitude song, cutting wildly in to the veins as a hard sweaty nightmare. Third one from my top list is song ‘Identify’. This is the newest and it will be found on the album in a dark rock version. Also a whisper about life thoughts.

Writer: Orsi Kurcz
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