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Darktown Jubilee - The world, The flesh & The devil | FESTIVALPHOTO

Darktown Jubilee - The world, The flesh & The devil



Indie rockers Darktown Jubilee come from Manchester - a city that has spawned countless Indie rock bands. The band formed in 2010 and after releaseing a couple of singles, are now releasing their debut album.

The album opens with "Breakdown". The song was released as the first single from the album and it's clear to see why. Smooth vocals, a great tune and strong chorus plus enough guitar to give it a solid rock base make this a really good song. I've listened to it a lot already and it doesn't lose any appeal with repeated listening.

Next up is "Stay". The keyboards are more prominent here and give the song a different feel. It's another great song.

"The great escape" opens with acoustic guitar and piano-like keyboards. The vocals are soft and the song has a real ballad feel to it, but around halfway through the song the pace picks up and the music gets more powerful. It's still got that ballad feel but now its a rock ballad.

There is a lot of variety in the album as the songs move from heavy pop to indie rock to more rock based tracks. Throughout them all though the music is great, the vocals excellent and the songs are very good. An album that's definitely worth listening to - and one that will appeal to a wider range of fans than a typical indie rock album.

"The world, The flesh & The devil" will be released on 25th February 2013

Track listing:

1. Breakdown
2. Stay
3. The great escape
4. All I want
5. Give me a sign
6. Stop! Look around
7. When you're wrong
8. Beautiful night
9. Lost
10. Something's gotta give
11. We'll take this town together
12. Getting better

Darktown Jubilee are:

David Boardman - Vocals + Guitars
John Cosgrove - Drums
Stuart Day - Bass
Gary O'Brien - Keyboards
Al Roberts - Guitars

Writer: Anthony May
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