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This spring sees the release of an extended edition of the hugely successful debut album, Wonderful Life by Black. Released in 1987, the album is probably best known for its title track, which was a huge hit in the UK, throughout Europe and beyond, and went on to spawn countless cover versions and appear in many in adverts, TV programmes and films. The single was originally released on the independent label Ugly Man in 1986 and sold out of its initial pressing of 1000 copies. Black soon signed to A&M Records with whom he reached the UK Top 10 in June 1987, with the single Sweetest Smile. A slightly reworked version of Wonderful Life followed soon after and also hit the Top 10. The album Wonderful Life went on to sell well over 1.5 million copies.

This special 2-CD edition comprises the full original album plus a second CD of 14 bonus tracks, including the original Ugly Man version of the Wonderful Life single plus a selection of B-sides and four songs from a 1986 Janice Long session. The album’s liner notes come complete with a specially commissioned interview with Colin.

Black is the singer and songwriter Colin Vearncombe who continues to record and perform today. As Black he recorded a total of three albums with A&M and the fourth Black album, Are We Having Fun Yet? was released on Colin’s own Nero Schwarz label in 1993. After that Colin took some time out to decide how he wanted to progress with his musical career and following a rejuvenating weekend in Devon on a songwriting workshop, hosted by Squeeze’s Chris Difford, he released his fifth album, The Accused, his first under his own name. He has since gone on to release a number of acclaimed albums. He will undertake a 9-date, acoustic tour of the UK this April.

Track Listing

Disc One

1. Wonderful Life
2. Sometimes For The Asking
3. Finder
4. Paradise
5. I’m Not Afraid
6. I Just Grew Tired
7. Blue
8. Just Making Memories
9. Sweetest Smile
10. Ravel in the Rain
11. Leave Yourself Alone
12. Sixteens
13. It’s Not You Lady Jane
14. Hardly Star-Crossed Lovers

Disc Two

1. Wonderful Life (Ugly Man Single)
2. Birthday Night (Ugly Man Single)
3. Dagger Reel (B-Side Paradise)
4. Sometimes For The Asking (B-Side Paradise)
5. Everything’s Coming Up Roses (The Fairly Mental Mix)
6. Have It Your Own Way (B-Side I’m Not Afraid)
7. My Lover (B-Side I’m Not Afraid)
8. Life Calls (B-Side Wonderful Life)
9. Had Enough (B-Side Wonderful Life)
10. All We Need Is The Money (B-Side Wonderful Life)
11. Sometimes For The Asking (Janice Long session 1986)
12. Everything’s Coming Up Roses (Janice Long session 1986)
13. I’m Not Afraid (Janice Long session 1986)
14. Sweetest Smile (Janice Long session 1986)

Writer: Anthony May
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