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Tatiana's Niovi - Breath of life | FESTIVALPHOTO

Tatiana's Niovi - Breath of life



Greek singer/musician Tatiana Manolidou comes from a musical family, and has studied piano,vocal and theory of music from an early age. She has composed music for the Greek theatre and TV, as well performing many concerts across Greece and Cyprus. She provided vocals for the album "Matricide" by Prog rockers La Tulipe Noire. Now she's unveiled her latest work - Tatiana’s NIOVI - "Breath of light". Most of the lyrics were written by Cindy L Spear, a poet and lyricist who has written for Iona and Karnataka.

Brief comments on a few of the tracks...

The album opens with "Intro: Breath of life" which is a lovely Celtic sounding track.

The album then moves quickly into "When I'm lost" which is a rock song, but still quite delicate at the same time. It's the first of three symphonic rock songs, all of which are extremely good.

After three rock songs the album changs pace again with "Mana (Mother)" which definitely reminds me of Clannad

This is an incredibly beautiful album. It's got a strong Celtic feel at times where the vocals are hauntingly beautiful, and also has some lovely symphonic rock songs as well. The only minor downside is that the rock and Celtic tracks don't necessarily fit together perfectly - I personally would have liked to see two EP's (one for the rock and one for the other songs) rather than one album as I'm sure there are a lot of people who'd like tracks such as "Mana (Mother)" but wouldn't necessarily be rock fans.

Tatiana Manolidou - vocals, piano
George Tsokanis - synths
Periklis - electric guitar
Dimitris Stassinos (studio) and Kostas Dianakakis (live) - bass
Alexis Kostas - drums, percussion

Track listing:

1. Intro: Breath of life
2. When I'm lost
3. Oh love
4. Tree of my dreams
5. Mana (Mother)
6. Testament of soul
7. My lonely prince
8. Ring of darkness
9. When we dance
10. A prayer
11. Your love
12. Island of gods
13. Kyrie
14. Epilogue: The shadow in the sea

Writer: Anthony May
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