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Frederic Slama's AOR - L.A. Temptation | FESTIVALPHOTO

Frederic Slama's AOR - L.A. Temptation


Frederic Slama is a French producer and musician who moved to Los Angeles. Since then he has released a number of albums (including "L.A. Reflection" and "Dreaming of L.A."using some top session musicians. Now he's releasing another AOR album with an impressive list of musicians and singers.

The first thing that struck me with the album was the sheer number of people involved. For a start there are ten singers, with almost every song being sung by someone different. Add in al the guitarists, bassists, keyboard players and drummers and you've got a huge number of people.
As a result of each song having a different singer then that straight away gives each song a slightly different sound, so there's plenty to keep you interested in this album. While each song has it's own identity, what they all have in common is a consistently high quality, and they all feel like they belong together on the album rather than any feeling out of place.

This is an absolutely superb album that all fans of AOR or melodic rock should certainly check out.

L.A. Temptation is out now on AOR Heaven.

Track listing + lead singers:

1) No margin for error - Philip Bardowell
2) Above suspicion - Göran Edman
3) From L.A To Paris - Chris Ousey
4) A heartbeat away - James Christian
5) Silent victory - Paul Shortino
6) No One's Gonna Hurt Me Anymore - Rick Riso
7) Second chance at love - Göran Edman
8) Out on the streets - Paul Sabu
9) Hold back the dawn - Jerry Hludzik
10) The price to pay - Hank Erix & Göran Edman
11) Outside heaven - Paul Sabu
12) When the darkness falls - Joey Summer

Full list of musicians on the album:

Frédéric Slama : Guitars & Keyboards
Tommy Denander : All Instruments
Paul Sabu : Lead Vocals & All Instruments
Jerry Hludzik : Lead Vocals
James Christian : Lead Vocals
Göran Edman : Lead Vocals
Chris Ousey : Lead Vocals
Philip Bardowell : Lead Vocals
Paul Shortino : Lead Vocals
Hank Erix : Lead Vocals
Rick Riso : Lead Vocals
Joey Summer : Lead Vocals
Michael Landau : Guitars
Bruce Gaitsch : Guitars
Christian Tolle : Guitars
David Mark Pearce : Guitars
Stefano Lionetti : Guitars
Mario Percudani : Guitars
Linkan Andersson : Guitars
David Diggs : Keyboards
Alessandro Del Vecchio : Keyboards
Morris Adriaens : Keyboards
Anna Portalupi : Bass
Urban Danielsson :Bass
Martin Karlsson : Bass
Mike Baird : Drums
Pierpaolo Monti : Drums
John Barbour : Backing Vocals

Writer: Anthony May
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