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The Spokes Band - 'In My Head' | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Spokes Band - 'In My Head'


The Spokes Band, a Swedish country-inspired blues rock quartet. Hailing from Ljusdal, they began as a cover band in 2000 and since 2007 decided to start writing their own material. Their rock and blues influenced grooves paired with high tempo drumming keeps to the soul of their music while also keeping the audience on their feet. Their newest album, “In My Head” is reminiscent of the mid-1970’s era country-blues-rock movement.

The “nothing left to lose” lyric from the track “Can’t Find My Way Back Home” keeps true to the Southern American vibe. Looking at the titles of each song with “Down in the Water” and “Lay Down in Hunger” also construct that “down-home” country effect of the entire album. Their Reverb Nation account biography simply states their “wide range of influences”, listening to the album, I would assume are from the 1970’s with bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers or Creedence Clearwater Revival; which sounds a bit out of place for an album released in 2012. This will most likely appeal to those who grew up in the mid-1970’s than those of the younger age; unless those kids were raised on the same blues rock their now 50-year old fathers listened to in high school. That being said, the blues rock/southern inspired genre has inspired a comeback with newer bands like The Black Keys.

The Southern-American style lyrics and funky, medium paced rhythms keep the listener from falling asleep, yet are not so that the same person would tell one song from the other. Heavy guitar riffs paired with intricate solos make this album a great one for driving music or lazy summer days and would once again appeal to an older crowd. That being said, I personally am a product of a70’s era rock father. Growing up, I listened to my dad singing “Sweet Home Alabama” at the top of his lungs as he vacuumed the living room was normal, just like my most of my peers who are also now in their 20’s.

Band Page:

Jens Schulstad: Leadsong, guitar
Jimmy Håkansson: Drums
Anders Toresson: Guitar and vocals
Henrik Hank Engblom: Guitar, vocals and harmonica
Jonas Odis Nordström: Bass

Track List:
1. Do You Really Want it?
2. Centerfold Girl
3. Give Back My Love
4. Don’t Feed the Fire
5. Slow Down (Just a Little)
6. In My Head
7. Lay Down in Hunger
8. Love Will Never Last
9. Tell Me Why
10. Down in the Water
11. Can’t Find My Way Back
12. Hard Life

Writer: Katy Legge
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