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Luca Turillis's Rhapsody, Freedom Call & Orden Ogan - 12-11-2012 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Luca Turillis's Rhapsody, Freedom Call & Orden Ogan - 12-11-2012



Tonight's gig had four bands, but sadly they decided on a stupid idea of opening the doors at 6pm on a weeknight, so too early for most people to get home from work, change and come to a gig, so the first band apparently played to a pretty small crowd. Like most people, I missed them and only arrived just in time to see the band I'd really been looking forward to seeing - German power metal band Orden Ogan.

Orden Ogan are a German power metal band whose latest album (To the end) is very impressive, so I was looking forward to hearing them play some of the songs live. Right from the start they played as they meant to continue - heads banging furiously as they played some great guitar-heavy power metal. Their set included four songs from the new album and three from their earlier albums, and was a very impressive set. Definiely a band I'd like to see do a headlining show where they have time to play a longer set.

Orden Ogan setlist:

The Frozen Few
To New Shores Of Sadness
We Are Pirates
The Things We Believe In
To The End
Angel's War

Next up were Freedom call, another German band. They describe their music as "Happy metal", and watching them I can understand why - it's heavy rock or metal but there's definitely a real party feel to the music. "Rockstar" and ""Warriors" went down particularly well with the crowd which has been growing steadily during the evening, and they really do put in a very impressive performance. Another band I'd like to see again.

Freedom call setlist:

Freedom Call
The Eyes of the World
Tears Of Babylon
The Quest
Power & Glory
Land Of Light

Next up was tonight's headliner - Luca Turilli's Rhapsody. It's only a year since he left Rhapsody of Fire and formed his new band Luca Turilli's Rhapsody (Rhapsody of fire were originally called Rhapsody), and in that time he's written and released his debut album, and embarked on this tour.
Everything about tonights performance was gloriously over the top in a way that only power metal bands can manage without looking silly. You've got things being projected onto a screen behind them and all the pomp of power metal, and a female singer to deliver the more operatic elements as well as duet with vocalist Alessandro Conti. Surprisingly only 5 songs on tonights setlist come from the new album (Ascending to infinity), with the rest coming from Rhapsody of fire - I'd expected him to play more of the new album, but with 9 Rhapsody of Fire albums to choose from then he presumably chose a setlist with plenty of songs the fans would know

It's a great display of some great musicians performing some epic power metal - a great end to an excellent lineup of bands.

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody setlist:

Quantum X
Riding The Winds Of Eternity
Clash of the Titans
Tormento e passione
Rage Of The Winter (intro)
The Village Of Dwarves
Drum Solo
Forest of Unicorn
Warrior's Pride
Flames Of Revenge
Bass Solo
Of Michael The Arcangel And Lucifer's Fall
Son of Pain
Dawn of Victory
Dark Fate of Atlantis
Emerald Sword
Encore 2:
Ira Tenax
Warrior of Ice


Writer: Anthony May
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