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U.D.O. - Life in Sofia | FESTIVALPHOTO

U.D.O. - Life in Sofia



A legend of German heavy metal, Udo Dirkschneider came to fame as the singer in Accept, but since leaving them he has forged a solid career with his own band, U.D.O. with whom he has released thirteen studio albums and two live albums (and "Live in Sofia" makes three).

The album was recorded in Sofia and has a great setlist consisting primarily of his U.D.O. material including several songs from his latest album (Rev-Raptor). Of course no U.D.O. live show would be complete without at least one Accept track, and we get some of them including "Metal Heart" and "Balls to the wall".

The sound on the album is great - nice and clear with a great mix so you get plenty of power from the guitars, the drums are solid and most importantly the vocals are nice and prominent in the mix.

There is however a major problem with this album in my opinion. The tracks are appallingly badly put together - at regular intervals through the album there are long periods of silence at the end of tracks and that totally spoils the flow and makes it a lot less enjoyable to listen to. I'm sorry but whoever edited this together with huge silences should think about looking for another job.

A great live album ruined by poor editing - I just hope they fix it before the CD's are pressed.

Track listing:

Disc 1:

1. Rev-Raptor
2. Dominator
3. Thunderball
4. Leatherhead
5. Independence Day
6. Screaming for a Love-Bite
7. Heart of Gold
8. Vendetta
9. Princess of the Dawn 3
10. I Give As Good As I Get
11. Kokopelli (Guitar Solo)

Disc 2:

1. Neon Nights
2. Break the Rules
3. Man and Machine
4. Drum Solo
5. Living On a Frontline
6. Up to the Limit
7. Two Faced Woman
8. Metal Heart
9. The Bogeyman
10. I'm a Rebel
11. Balls to the Wall
12. Burning

Writer: Anthony May
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