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Elder rocker, not old rocker.. // Here is the new Aerosmith disc | FESTIVALPHOTO

Elder rocker, not old rocker.. // Here is the new Aerosmith disc



„I thought I fell into someone else’s dream” -plays Aerosmith in their brand new studio album. And anyway, they had more than right with it..

Nowadays, the real rock n’roll lives again. It’s like, time-travelling, or dreaming in real. At least for me. A kind of lovely- naturally in a rock ’roll meaning-, to see rise again up the old legends, our rock icons. KISS takes a tour again, nobody cares their age.. Mike Tramp is better than ever, and Ozzy still gives us the unsophisticated Ozzy feeling, although he is in a grandfather time.. I could just write the list endlessly.. So, thanks God!

And now, Steven Taylor comes out with this awesome track collection? What else is it, if not one of the best dream of all, who live life in music? Must tell, I was always wondering, and pretty curious, how was the life in the ’80s.. No! I was exactly jealous for them, who could live it! But now, here are 18 songs to try it..

Especially, that ’Music from another dimension’ is not a ’let’s-come-back-again’ album (Do you remember of the second and third, and fourth parts of Disney movies?!). Not in the ironic meaning, for sure.

(Sorry, but it’s better than your Chinese Democracy, Axl..)

Music From Another Dimension is real music from heart, without any extra force.. I mean, its 18 really great song with a kind of unforgottable feeling, over unforgottable moments, till unforgottable gig memories. Or 18 chance to spin? However, years passed, but quality and the emotion remained.

My personal favorits are the „two end”, from the first part, the relaxing ’Another last Goodbye’ track, reminds me of ’Don’t cry’ epos, and on the other hand there is a duet with Carrie Underwood, called ’Can’t stop lovin’ You’.. Amazing diversity, amazing soul, and always the perfect speed, around this almost twenty songs, what shows, Aerosmith is still the same.. just count.. almost from 45 years? Oppa.. So, let me recommend the disc, for everybody, at every time, everywhere..

Just forget the world around you, and dare to be crazy, please..



Writer: Orsi Kurcz
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