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Last Friday night streets of Göteborg was loud by sounds of the weekend, and something other: retro metal in the air..!

Too bad, that this night wasn’t longer… Dödaren, and another, a bit older metalgroup, Year of the Goat took the party-line this on 27th of October at the famous Sticky Fingers Pub. Unnecessary to over explain it. Dödren from Göteborg made something new, something unusual, giving an incredible mood of music listening by it.

Somebody asked me before the concert, how could I paraphrase the music of this band. I’ve just told them: it’s like young Pink Floyd, in a metal version. And the audience liked it. True, if I have to explain their sounds, would be hard, but Dödaren with its first album, called Maen, is around mixing genres from the softest blues to the hardest hardcore, inspired by the 60’-70’s retro feeling with huge guitar riffs, and look, but the next decade’s crazy punk revolutions is still there, giving also a bit to the top from the modern pop life and some stoner affection to the tracks. Short version of my explanation: Nonstoppable energy. So let’s say it’s a kind of post-retro metal mix, with stoner points? Maybe. Then, anybody could imagine, it was not a boring night, guys played out everything, and the audience joined to enjoy this time and style-travelling. And it was only the first gig at the time, only the first thirty minutes.

Next piece of the evening was owned by the Year of the Goat band, with a harder metal feeling, deep sounds, stronger metal heads, after Dödaren’s 'colorful' music, it wasn' monotone, but a great carry on. At least, guys in front of the stage got what they wanted, headbanging and dancing all the time, pulling in everybody to the currant heavy feeling.. After it finished, like everything should. It was almost one and a half hour the two bands together but felt like a moment from travelling through the time. A bit music history then, what we got for plus, or just an unforgettable evening at Sticky Fingers? It’s better to decide yourself..

Stay jump, stay metal!

*Rocket Queen


Writer: Orsi Kurcz
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