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Harm - The nine | FESTIVALPHOTO

Harm - The nine



"The Nine" is the second album from Canadian metallers Harm. Originally released in Europe late in 2009, the album is being re-released to reach a wider audience. The band formed in 2003 and released their debut album in 2008

This is one of those albums that is quite hard to describe. It's a metal album but there are definite grunge influences here too as well as more modern groove metal influences. The album has a lot of variety which shows lots of different influences (Tool and Queens of the stone ages for instance). Vocally it ranges from clean singing to a more screaming style.

I can imagine these songs sounding pretty damn impressive live - they sound great here on the album, but deserve to be played at deafeningly loud volume to get the most out of them.

An impressive album thats well worth a listen.

"The nine" is out now"

Track listing:

1. The salem parade
2. Little pariah
3. Philistine
4. Another conspiracy
5. Stuck in time
6. Argue and grin
7. The Chelsea smile
8. Hand me down virtue
9. Pretentious
10. Sentimental enterprise

Writer: Anthony May
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