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Batabeat - Le Projet Senecal | FESTIVALPHOTO

Batabeat - Le Projet Senecal



Batabeat is a musical project combining computer-assisted sound designs and live music. Musicians and music styles differ according to the various events or projects that Batabeat participates in. Guillaume Soucy is the mastermind behind this Montreal based project.

"Le projet Senecal" is a tribute to Patrick Senecal, a top horror writer from Quebec, who is sometimes referred to as the Quebec Stephen King. The album is a concept album, with each track being based on a different one of his books.

While I'm not usually a fan of instrumental albums, this really is something that little bit different as its use of sound effects as well as the music really adds something extra to it and that really helps each track stand apart from the others and makes it far more enjoyable to listen to. Unusually for an instrumental album I could happily listen to this multiple times whereas usually I'd listen to an instrumental album once or twice before putting it away on a shelf.

An unusual album but a very enjoyable one to listen to. Definitely well worth a listen.

Batabeat are (for this project):

Guillaume Soucy: Conductor, composer/arranger
Conrad Simon: Electric guitar
Evelyne Lange: Drums and percussionist
Marc Couturier: Sound design

Track listing:

1. Malphas
3. Le passager
4. Le Vide
5. 5150 rue des Ormes
6. Aliss
7. Contre Dieu
8. Les sept jours du Talion

Writer: Anthony May
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