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Steve Winwood - Arc of a diver (Deluxe edition) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Steve Winwood - Arc of a diver (Deluxe edition)



Steve Winwood released his second solo album, "Arc of a diver" in December 1980. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he recorded everything on the album himself. On its release the album peaked at number 13 in the album charts and managed a very respectable 20 weeks in the chart.
It's a real classic album that has comfortably stood the test of time - listening to it now it's still stunningly good. It's only fitting then that Universal have decided to give it the Deluxe Edition treatment.

So what do we get with the Deluxe edition. Firstly Disc one is the album itself, sounding crystal clear and top quality. Then we have a second disc with the extras. There are different versions of three of the songs plus a BBD Radio 2 Documentary - "Arc of a diver: The Steve Winwood story". Presented by Kate Thornton its an excellent documentary which will definitely interest Steve Winwood fans, and it's a nice addition to the album.

It's a great album that has been made even more impressive with these extras - highly recommended.

Track listing:

CD 1:

1. While you see a chance
2. Arc of a diver
3. Second hand woman (album version)
4. Slowdown-sundown (album version)
5. Spanish dancer
6. Night train
7. Dust

CD 2:

1. Arc of a diver - Edited US single version
2. Night train - Instrumental version
3. Spanish Dancer - 2012 version
4. Arc of a Diver: THe Steve Winwood story

Writer: Anthony May
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