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Motorhead - The world is ours Vol.2, Anyplace crazy as anywhere else | FESTIVALPHOTO

Motorhead - The world is ours Vol.2, Anyplace crazy as anywhere else



"The world is ours Vol.2, Anyplace crazy as anywhere else" is the follow up to last years "The world is our Vol. 1 - Everywhere further than everyplace else". Volume 1 featured the entire set from their 9th April 2011 show at Teatro Caupolican, Santiago, Chile, and volume 2 features more shows from 2011 - three festivals to be precise.

There are various versions of this release..

Digipak - DVD plus 2 CD
Double CD
Double Vinyl gatefold sleeve (Wacken Open Air concert)
Direct to consumer box featuring 2CDs, DVD, Blu-ray and a special booklet featuring exclusive on and offstage photography.

The three shows featured on this release are - Sonisphere UK, Wacken Open Air, and Rock in Rio. The Wacken show is by far the longest and takes up an entire CD plus a couple of songs on the second CD (assuming you're listening to the CD version rather than watching on DVD when all three shows fit on a single disc.
The Sonisphere show took place the day after former Motorhead guitarist Wurzel died and at the start of the set Lemmy tells the crowd the sad news and dedicates the set to Wurzel. A sad note to a great performance.

The crowds at all three events are big, with Wacken and Rio in particular being huge - even after all these years of touring, Motorhead can still pull in huge numbers of fans, and why not - they're rock music legends after all.

For me the biggest problem with the DVD/Blu-ray is the lighting, particularly for the Wacken set. It's pretty bad I'm afraid, with the band often poorly lit. Yes the view from a distance may have looked good, but if you can't see the band clearly then something just isn't right. I'm sure this is the band's preference as they've been lit like this whenever I've seen them, with the band often in shadow. Having said that, when the Bomber lighting rig drops down and moves around during Bomber, that's a great sight.

So, the key question...Is this release worth buying? That's a difficult one to answer. If you were at one of these shows then I'd say it's definitely worth getting as it's a great way to remember the show. If you're a die hard Motorhead fan then you've probably already ordered it and will love it - it's Motorhead doing what they do consistently well. For casual fans, it's a much harder one to call. If you have got a Motorhead live DVD or CD already - The world is our Vol 1 in particular then I'm not sure this is a purchase I'd make, but if you don't have a Motorhead live CD/DVD already then yes it's worth going for.

This is Motorhead doing what they do consistently well, putting on great live shows

"The world is ours Vol.2, Anyplace crazy as anywhere else" will be released on 24th September 2012

Track listing:

Wacken Open air, Germany, August 6th 2011

1. Iron fist
2. Stay clean
3. Get back in line
4. Metropolis
5. Over the top
6. One night stand
7. Rock out
8. The thousand names of god
9. I know how to die
10. The chase is better than the catch
11. In the name of tragedy
12. Just 'cos you got the power
13. Going to Brazil
14. Killed by death
15. Bomber
16. Ace of spades
17. Overkill

Sonisphere festival, UK, July 10th 2011

1. Iron Fist
2. I know how to die
3. In the name of tragedy
4. Killed by death
5. Ace of spades
6. Overkill

Rock in Rio, Brazil, September 25th 2011

1. Say clean
2. Over the top
3. The chase is better than the catch
4. Going to Brazil
5. Killed by death

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Writer: Anthony May
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