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Rory Gallagher re-mastered albums (1975-1982) released 1st October | FESTIVALPHOTO

Rory Gallagher re-mastered albums (1975-1982) released 1st October

Sony Legacy Recordings in association with Capo Records, is proud to announce the next series of Rory Gallagher’s classic studio albums re-mastered (1975-1982). All five albums will be released in the UK on Monday 1st October for a limited period in deluxe digi-packaging.

Each album has been digitally re-mastered to stunning effect from the original ¼ inch tapes and features digitally restored original vinyl release album artwork, new booklet content and extensive sleeve notes, original album reviews, rare photographs and bonus tracks. Each of the five albums will be released in three formats including CD, download and vinyl.

Picking up where Rory left off with the phenomenal Irish Tour ‘74 live album, the release of 1975’s Against The Grain, found Rory at the top of his game and in sparkling form both in the studio and on stage. The next seven years saw the release of these five outstanding records.

The five re-mastered Rory Gallagher studio albums include Against The Grain (1975), Calling Card (1976), Photo-Finish (1978), Top Priority (1979) and Jinx (1982).

"Continuing on from last year’s 40th Anniversary of Rory Gallagher's solo career, we’re pleased to present his next five solo albums from 1975-1982," says Daniel Gallagher, Rory’s nephew and producer of the reissues. "We’re going back to the vinyl artwork and original ¼ inch tapes so that they look and sound exactly as Rory intended. It's also great to see in a digital world that the demand for a physical copy of Rory's music means we can release these albums on vinyl for the first time in almost 40 years."

Writer: Anthony May
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