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Helstar - 30 years of Hel | FESTIVALPHOTO

Helstar - 30 years of Hel



Helstar are an American Power metal band from Houstan, Texas. They formed in 1982 (30 years ago), although given the title of the album you'd probably already guessed that. Over the years the band have split and reformed a number of times and have toured with plenty of big names including W.A.S.P., Megadeth, Keel,Savatage, Fates Warning and Yngwie Malmsteen

Given the album title, I'd initially assumed it was going to be a typical anniversary release - in other words a "best of". In fact it's a Live album. The band performed a special 30th anniversary concert in their hometown, and it's that concert that has been recorded for release at this live album.

It's a very good album for fans of the band with the songs included covering most if not all their career, and as such it's also a good introduction to the band for people who don't own any of their albums.
The sound quality is very good and the levels in the mix seem pretty good too, avoiding a common failing with gigs and some live albums to have the vocals too low in the mix. Personally I'd have lowered the levels of the drums a fraction but that's just my opinion.

With 20 tracks and a running time approaching two hours, it's a good value for money release and must have been a great concert to be at.

A great live album from the American power metallers - well worth a listen.

"30 years of Hel" will be released on 31st August 2012

Track listing:

1. Angels Fall To Hell
2. Towards The Unknown
3. Suicidal Nightmare
4. The King Is Dead
5. Burning Star
6. To Sleep Per Chance To Scream
7. The Plague Called Man
8. Evil Reign
9. Monarch Of Bloodshed
10. Winds Of War
11. Good Day To Die
12. Wicked Disposition
13. Pandemonium
14. Bitter End
15. Harker’s Tale (Mass Of Death)
16. Angel Of Death
17. Baptized In Blood
18. Alma Negra
19. The King Of Hell
20. Run With The Pack

Writer: Anthony May
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