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Armonight - Tales from the heart | FESTIVALPHOTO

Armonight - Tales from the heart



Armonight are an Italian band who play gothic metal with female vocals. As with many bands, that's a massive simplification - in reality the music has many different influences and doesnt sit neatly in one genre, so although Gothic metal is the best fit, they also have touches of Rock, melodic rock, symphonic metal and more.

I first heard Armonight at the Ravenheart music festival in Birmingham, and was very impressed by how good they were live, so I was very pleased to be asked to review their new album - Tales from the heart. Having listened to it over the last couple of weeks I have to say I'm impressed. Live they are great, but at any festival the sound is never going to be perfect due to the short changeovers, so listening to them on CD means you get to hear everything with perfect sound, and all the subtle details then start to shine through. I still love seeing a band live - it's a different experience as what you might lose on some of the sound quality, is more than made up for the energy and enjoyment of seeing a band play the songs in front of you (usually at the sort of volumes that you can't get at home if you have neighbours anywhere nearby).

This is their second album - their first was "Suffering and Passion".

Brief comments on a few of the songs..

Opening track "Into the deepest dream" is an instrumental piece with the sounds of birds at the beginning alongside the keyboards that rise in power before the music ends and a short spoken word part takes over for the last few seconds of the track.

The album proper kicks off with "With your knife"

"Dancing with ghosts" has a slightly heavier style with Sy adjusting her vocals to suit the extra power needed for the song. Another great song.

This really is a great album and hopefully Armonight will be back in the UK for more live dates before too long.

"Tales from the heart" is out now through Ravenheart music.

Armonight are:

Sy – Vocals
Lara – Guitar
Fjord – Guitar
Frens – Bass
Hokuto – Keyboards
Nicolas – Drums

Track Listing:

1. Into The Deepest Dream
2. With Your Knife
3. Dancing With Ghosts
4. Always By Your Side
5. I Will Be There (For You)
6. When You See Me Cry
7. Coraline
8. Once More
9. Rainy Days
10. A Kiss In The Snow

Writer: Anthony May
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