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Trixter: New Audio Machine | FESTIVALPHOTO

Trixter: New Audio Machine




I remember this lot from the early nineties, but I didn´t know they formed as early as 1983. They flet quite fresh-faced and young back then… Their self-titled 1990 debut gave them hits like “Give It to Me Good” and “One in a Million”, and secured the release of their sophomore effort “Hear!”, the one I remember best. A tour as support to KISS surely secured them a spot in the media, but, alas, grunge brought them down. An independent release of a covers album was the final whistle in 1995. Or could have been, but 2007 saw the reunion of the original band; Peter Loran, vocals rhythm guitars, Steve Brown, lead guitar, harmonica, P.J. Farley, bass, and Mark “Gus” Scott on drums. To make sure the new songs will work they secured the song writing services of Glen Burtnik (STYX), and Rachel Bolan (SKID ROW).

In the eighties I never thought there be life in this lot some 30 years later! I would have guessed that most songs would be like the lackluster “Ride”, flat and unconvincing. But, I was so wrong. Opener “Drag Me Down” displays how an acoustic opening progresses into a contagious song with a lot of blues injected. The refrains are of the best quality and there are subtle touches of WHITESNAKE, a couple of convincing ballads, e.g. the lingering “Live for the Day”. The youngster feeling is quite present, in spite of the years that have passed, as in “Physical Attraction” and the fabulous “Walk with a Stranger”. Their sense of humor is definitely still there, no sour krauts here. “Tattoos and Misery” is a big ironic look at a lifestyle. TRIXTER are proud of being back with all originals present, I´d be even more proud of being back with their minds intact!

Track List
Drag Me Down
Get On It
Dirty Love
Live for the Day
Physical Attraction
Tattoos & Misery
The Coolest Thing
Save Your Soul
Walk with a Stranger

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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