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CRASHDIET news from studio



"As some of you probably already know, we’re currently in the studio recording the follow-up to the "Generation Wild" album - to be released in late January 2013!"- readable in the official newsletter on Crashdiet website. Promise is enticing.

"Alright, now listen up :)

We wanted to let you decide what the next CRASHDÏET album release is worth!

We offer four price levels - same CD, different price :

Low - Our ideal album price
Mid - Support the band with what you've got
High - Get your name printed in the booklet
Overkill - Get your name tattooed on london's ass..."

So.. waiting for the new hits of legendic sleeze rock band, we can look in a bit to the workhours in studio with their newest video. Album works are not ready yet, but preorders started on Friday already.RQ

Writer: Orsi Kurcz
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