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Eluveitie - The early years | FESTIVALPHOTO

Eluveitie - The early years



Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie have just re-recorded their “Vên” EP. The EP was originally recorded in 2003 and is almost impossible to get hold of, so rather than just re-releasing it the band have taken the opportunity to re-record it with their current lineup. At the same time, their hard to find debut album "Spirit" has been remastered and the two releases are being released together as a double CD release - "The early years".

Fans are certainly going to be excited by this release - for fans who have the original releases its a chance to get them sounding better than they've ever sounded before, and for fans who missed out on these releases then it's a chance to listen to the bands early work.
Coming so soon after the latest album (Helvetios) which was released in February, I was surprised to see this album being released now, but I have to say I'm more than happy that it's coming out - more Eluveitie to listen to can't be a bad thing. It's a great summer for fans of folk metal with this release joining releases from Korpiklaani and Ensiferum amongst others

I wasnt sure what to expect from this release - often when you're used to a bands recent albums and then hear their early work it can sound dated or primitive, but equally it can sound better than their new stuff (Guns'n'Roses being a perfect example). With this release Eluveitie sound just as good as anything they've released recently. The fact that the EP has been re-recorded probably helped a lot as the original will have been recorded on a very limited budget, so re-recording allows the band to get rid of any limitations that came in as a result of not having the funds to do things how they wanted.

This is a great release and one that all Eluveitie fans and indeed folk metal fans in general should buy. It sounds fantastic and despite the original material being around 8 or 9 years old it stands alongside any current folk metal releases in terms of quality.

"The Early Years" will be released on 20th August via Nuclear Blast records

Eluveitie are:

Chrigel Glanzmann | vocals, tin & low whistles, div. bagpipes, mandola, bodhràn
Meri Tadic | Fiddle
Anna Murphy | hurdy gurdy, vocals
Kay Brem | bass
Ivo Henzi | guitar
Simeon Koch | Guitar, acoustic guitars
Päde Kistler | div. bagpipes, tin & low whistles
Merlin Sutter | drums

Track listing:

1. Verja Urit An Bitus (Re recorded)
2. Uis Elveti (re recorded)
3. Oro (re recorded)
4. Lament (re recorded)
5. Druid (re recorded)
6. Jezaig (re recorded)
7. Spirit
8. Uis Elveti
9. Your gaulish war
10. Of fire & wisdom
11. Aidu
12. The song of life
13. Tegernako
14. Siraxta
15. The dance of victory
16. The endless knot
17. An dro

Writer: Anthony May
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