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Doro - Under my skin: A fine selection of Doro classics | FESTIVALPHOTO

Doro - Under my skin: A fine selection of Doro classics



It's hard to believe it, but it's 28 years since the first Warlock was released. After a few years and several albums, Warlock came to an end and lead singer Doro Pesch continued her career in metal as a solo artist. Since then she has been one of the hardest working performers in music, releasing a steady stream of albums and touring almost non stop. In 2008 she played a special 25th anniversary show to 10,000 fans in Dusseldorf with special guests joining her on stage including Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine from the scorpions, Tarja Turunen, Girlschool and many more. She has collaborated with numberous artists over the years including Tarja, Biff Byford and many more.
With such an impressive career it's not surprising that AFM have chosen to release a compilation. It's an impressive release - 32 tracks over two CDs. WThere are some Warlock songs here - "Metal Tango", "Fur Immer" and "All we are", but most are from Doro's solo career, and there is a great selection here.

"Breaking the law" has long been a popular cover version in Doro's live shows, so its nice to see it included here.

There are six tracks from Doro's last album (Fear no evil) - Celebrate, I lay my head upon my sword, The night of the warlock, Herzblut, Walking with the angels. Celebrate actually features twice - once as the original version and once as the "Full metal female version" which includes a whole host of other women from the world of rock and metal joining her.
There are songs from a good range of Doro albums here and even a couple from the "Anthems for the champion" EP ("She's like thunder" and "The queen") which was a collection of songs used to introduce the German female boxing champion Regina Halmich.

The album comes with a booklet including exclusive handwritten liner notes for all tracks by Doro personally plus lots of never before seen pictures taken from Doro’s private archive.

For anyone who only has one or two Doro albums then this is a very good collection - there's a nice selection of tracks from different parts of her career as well as covering a wide range of styles - from the slow gentle ballads to the hard rocking songs.

A great album - well worth buying.

Doro - "Under my skin: A fine selection of Doro classics" is out now via AFM records.

Track listing:

CD 1

01. All We Are (Version 2007)
02. You're My Family
03. I Rule The Ruins*
04. Celebrate
05. The Night Of The Warlock
06. Strangers Yesterday
07. Walking With The Angels
08. Metal Tango*
09. Thunderspell
10. Herzblut
11. Warrior Soul
12. My Majesty
13. Für Immer*
14. Love Me In Black*
15. Always Live To Win*
16. Running From The Devil
17. Above The Ashes
18. Let Love Rain On Me*
*Performed by Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra

CD 2

01. Celebrate (Full Metal Female Version)
02. Rescue Me
03. Rare Diamond (Acoustic Version)
04. Angel In The Dark
05. 1999
06. In Liebe Und Freundschaft
07. I Lay My Head Upon My Sword
08. Tausend Mal gelebt*
09. Wildfire
10. Breaking The Law
11. She's Like Thunder (Version 2005)
12. The Queen
13. You Won My Love
14. Lonely Wolf

Multimedia Bonus:

Warrior Soul (Video)
Let Love Rain On Me (Video)
Herzblut (Video)

Writer: Anthony May
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