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Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment | FESTIVALPHOTO

Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment



Turbonegro are a Norwegian band who's music mixes Glam, hard rock and punk. They are a band that I've heard of over the years but never quite got round to listening to. After listening to their new album I'm kicking myself for not having listened to them before now - this is damn good stuff.
Turbonegro are never afraid to be rude, crude or politically incorrect with their lyrics, so if that bothers you then go and listen to something from Justin Bieber instead. Still interested? Good because this is a great album. The punk and hard rock blend together to give a really good heavy fast paced sound, and the slightly raspy vocals work really well - similar to Lemmy from Motorhead but not quite as extreme.

I'm not going to go into detail about the album - I'll leave you to listen to it and enjoy it, but suffice to say this is an album that is definitely worth a listen.

A great album that I'd definitely recommend. I for one will be checking out some of their other albums too.

Track listing:

1. I got a knife
2. Hello darkness
3. Shake your shit machine
4. TNA (The Nihilistic Army)
5. Mister sister
6. Dude without a face
7. Buried alive
8. Tight jeans, loose leash
9. Rise below
10. You give me worms

Writer: Anthony May
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