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Mode Moderne - Strange Bruises | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mode Moderne - Strange Bruises



Mode Moderne are a Canadian band that formed in 2008. Their debut release followed in 2009, and was followed by a single in 2011.

"Strange Bruises" is the latest release from Mode Moderne. With only seven songs with a running time of just 24 minutes then this can only be called an EP - its simply far too short to be a proper album. As an EP it's a good length and seven songs is good value - if it was an album then it would just be far too short.
It's nicely presented in a gatefold sleeve, and instead of a standard booklet you get a small fold out poster of the EP cover and on the reverse it has handwritten lyrics for all the songs.

The music is an interesting mix of indie pop and gloomy goth sounds. It's got a real 1980s feel to it - reminiscent of Echo and the Bunnymen, or Psychadelic furs and I have to say - I love it. That gloomy pop sound that appeared in the 80s is certainly present here but the music still manages to sound fresh and modern at the same time. This really is a great EP thats well worth a listen.

Gloomy pop that's highly recommended.

"Strange bruises" will be released on 3rd September 2012 via Light Organ Records

Mode Moderne are:

Vocals - phillip intile
bass/keyboards - clinton loftkrantz
guitars/keyboards - felix fung
drums/backing vocals - sean gilhooly
keyboards/backing vocals - rebecca gray

Track listing:

1. Nightly youths
2. Foul weather fare
3. Strange bruises
4. Guns
5. Private library
6. Electrocute me
7. Open air

Writer: Anthony May
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