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Motorhead - Classic album collection | FESTIVALPHOTO

Motorhead - Classic album collection



Universal Music have released a new Motorhead collection - this one though isnt a best of type compilation but is instead six of the bands albums released in a box set. The albums included are the six albums originally released on Bronze records between 1979 and 1983 - Overkill, Ace of spades, No sleep till Hammersmith, Bomber, Another perfect day, Iron Fist.

First up is "Overkill" - the band's second album. Released in March 1979, this was a great album - and still is. Title track, "Overkill" is still an essential part of any Motorhead live show.

"Bomber" is the next album, which was released only seven months after Overkill - an amazingly short time period given that in those seven months the album had to be written and recorded and the band will have also been out on tour to promote the Overkill album. Despite the short timescales it's another good solid Motorhead album, with tracks such as "Stone Dead forever" and title track "Bomber" being classics.

The third album in this collection is the one that really sets the standard - the legendary "Ace of spades". Containing some of the band's best material, the album includes classics such as "Ace of spades", "We are the roadcrew" and "love me like a reptile". This album is one that every Motorhead fan must own.

Next up is a live album - "No sleep till Hammersmith". Despite the name it wasnt actualyl recorded at Hammersmith - it was Leeds and Newcastle in reality. It's a great live album that really does capture the live feel of a Motorhead gig.

"Iron fist" is a good album, but is overshadowed by the superior "Ace of spades" and "No sleep till Hammersmith". It's the last album that Eddie Clarke appeared on as a disagreement over the album led to his departure from the band.

Finally we have "Another perfect day" - the weakest of the albums here. It's still a good listen, but it really doesnt stand up against the better albums here.

This is a great value collection - six albums for around £18 - thats only £3 an album, which makes this a bargain and any Motorhead fan who doesn't have these albums already should certainly buy this collection.

Motorhead Classic album selection is out now via Universal music

Overkill track listing :-

Stay Clean.
I Wont Pay Your Price.
I’ll Be Your Sister.
No Class.
Damage Case.
Tear Ya Down.
Limb From Limb.

Bomber track listing :-

Dead Men Tell No Tales.
Sweet Revenge.
Stone Dead Forever.
All The Aces.
Step Down.
Talking Head.

Ace Of Spades track listing :-

Ace Of Spades.
Love Me Like A Reptile.
Shoot You In The Back.
Live To Win.
Fast And Loose.
We Are The Road Crew.
Fire Fire.
Bite The Bullet.
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch.
The Hammer.

No Sleep Till Hammersmith track listing :-

Ace Of Spades.
Stay Clean.
The Hammer.
Iron Horse/Born To Lose.
No Class.
We Are The Road Crew.

Iron Fist track listing :-

Iron Fist.
Heart Of Stone.
I’m The Doctor.
Go To Hell.
Sex And Outrage.
Shut It Down.
Dont Let Em Grind Ya Down.
Dont Need Religion.
Bang To Rights.

Another Perfect Day track listing :-

Back At The Funny Farm.
Dancing On Your Grave.
Rock It.
One Track Mind.
Another Perfect Day.
Marching Off To War.
I Got Mine.
Tales Of Glory.
Die You Bastard.

Writer: Anthony May
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