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Vengeance: Crystal Eye | FESTIVALPHOTO

Vengeance: Crystal Eye



Dutch long-standing rock outfit VENGEANCE makes another go at fame and fortune. This time with Leon Goewie as the sole remaining original since original guitarist Jan Somers passed away. The rest of the band are absolute aces; Keri Kelli, guitars (ex. ALICE COOPER), Chris Glen, bass, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP), and drummer Chris Slade (ex AC/DC). A tour has been scheduled by the many sougt after musicians may be had to keep occupied with one band only. Contributions from Arjen Lucassen, of cause, and even Tony Martin makes for enjoyable listening…or?

The voice, the tight band, the return to their bluesy AC/CD sound makes for an album that is no “Arabia”. Depending on your preferences this is an album to treat in many ways. From the engaging opener “Me and You” until the sketchier but unmissable “Jan´s End Piece” this album has its ups and downs, power ballads and gritty Aussie rockers etc. I tend to favor “my” VENGEANCE songs like “Barbercue”, heedless and 80´s to the core. I can always put on the original band (AC/DC) if I want stuff like “Bad to the Bone” or “Shock Me Now”. But the Tony Martin penned “Whole Lotta Metal” shines, as does the VENGEANCE trademark power ballad “Promise Me” and the yesterday ringing “Desperate Women”. What a title… But the style, the occasional over-strained voice, the number of only ok songs, can´t be lauded too much. No matter how I tried to find more positive things to say this is the honest judgment. This is an ok album with strong moments, no more, and definitely no less.

Track List
Me and You
Bad to the Bone
Shock Me Now
Five Knuckle Shuffle
Desperate Women
Whole Lotta Metal
Promise Me
Crystal Eye
Jan´s End Piece

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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