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Thormesis - Von leere und tod | FESTIVALPHOTO

Thormesis - Von leere und tod



Thormesis is a German Pagan Black Metal band from Bavaria that was formed in 2006. In 2008 they self-released their debut album "Gehet Hin Und Kämpfet". In early 2010 they released their second album, "Vergangene Asche" after signing with German label Düsterwald Produktionen. Now they are ready to release their third album - "Von Leere Und Tod", after signing to AFM records. As a live band they have shared stages with bands including Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Fiddlers Green, J.B.O. and Black Messiah, and have also played Germany's biggest pagan metal festival - Ragnarök.

The new albums title translates into English as "Of Emptiness And Death". The album only contains 8 songs, yet lasts for 54 minutes. With the exception of the intro and the one cover version ("Lebensgang", originally by Grabfeld), there isnt a single song under 6 minutes in duration, with two exceeding 9 minutes duration. This means the songs all have plenty of time to develop and display plenty of variety within the music, and they really do have variety with changes in pace, changes in vocals and more, all within a single song.

There's plenty of power here and the pagan and black metal influences both show through in both the music and vocals. It's a great album - plenty of variety ensures that it never risks getting boring or repetitive, and there's more than enough power here to keep most fans happy.

A great album for fans of Pagan Black Metal.

"Von leere und tod" will be released on 15th June via AFM records.

Thormesis are:

Travos (vocals, guitar)
Velsir (guitar)
Berucas (bass)
Keltor (drums, vocals)

Track listing:

1. Intro
2. Sterbend Herz
3. In den Nächten der Wiederkehr
4. Türme des Schattens
5. Des Wolfes Letzter Gang
6. Vom Leben gezeichnet
7. Von Leere und Tod
8. Lebensgang (Grabfeld Cover version)

Writer: Anthony May
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