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Lettie - Good fortune, Bad weather | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lettie - Good fortune, Bad weather



London singer-songwriter Lettie's has released her third album - Good Fortune, Bad Weather. Lettie has been described as a “memory collector”, obsessed with collecting pieces of the past in the forms of books, postcards, second hand shop finds and newspaper clippings.

This memory collecting and accompanying sense of nostalgia is clearly seen in "Good Fortune, Bad Weather", which is filled with haunting melodies, lyrics that obsess over the past and classic synth sounds. All this is wrapped up in a modern electro-pop shell.

As well as Lettie, the album has a number of other talented musicians performing on it including Danny Blume, Zachary Alford (Bowie, Springsteen, Stefani), Sara Lee (League of Gentleman, B52s, Gang of Four, Ani diFranco), D. James Goodwin and many others.

Brief comments on a couple of the songs..

"Swirl" is a great pop song that deserves plenty of radio airplay.

"Bitter" is an acoustic number but is quite fast paced and with a strong pop feel that is unusual in an acousitc song

"Good fortune, Bad weather" is a very good electro-pop album thats well worth a listen.

Track listing:

1. Swirl
2. Lucky
3. Bitter
4. Never Want To Be Alone
5. Sanctuary
6. Digital
7. Pandora
8. Fitter
9. Mister Lighter
10. Good Fortune Bad Weather
11. Aluminium Man
12. Crash and Burn
13. Come Back
14. On and On

Writer: Anthony May
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