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Dark Princess - The World I've Lost | FESTIVALPHOTO

Dark Princess - The World I've Lost



Dark Princess are a Russian Symphonic/Gothic metal band that was formed in 2005. Their debut album, "Without you" was released in 2005 and was followed by "Stop my heart" which was released in 2006 and was a hit with fans, particularly in Germany. Since then they have released the album "Crying game" which was made up of Russian language versions of songs from the first two albums.

The band's new album, "The world I've lost" is the first to feature their new singer Natalia.

Before getting this album to review I hadn't come across Dark Princess before so I was very happy when I hit play and listened to the album - it's fantastic. It's always a nice feeling to find a new band that makes music that you love, and that's certainly the case here. Natalia has a great voice and it's used to full effect here ranging from traditional rock style to a more classical soprano style. Musically there are great guitar riffs with the guitars delivering plenty of power which balances the soaring vocals nicely. Russian folk music influences creep in now and then to add a little something extra to the sound and this helps the band stand out.

The songs are strong and powerful and have a nice rich symphonic sound to them. This really is a great album - in fact it's so good that after listening to it a few times I bought their last album (Stop my heart) - that's how good this album is - good enough to make me spend more of my money !

A great album that I strongly recommend to fans of symphonic/gothic metal bands with female vocals.

"The World I've Lost" will be released via Out of Line Music May 28.

Dark Princess are:

Stepan Zuev - keyboards, backing vocals
Alexander Lyubimov - guitar, backing vocals
Ilya Klokov - lead guitar
Kirill Fyodorov - drums
Natalia Terekhova - vocals
Stas Fatianov - bass


1. Fight With Myself
2. We Can Not Fly So High
3. Fields Of Use
4. The Key
5. Everlasting Pain
6. Paradise Land
7. Point Of No Return
8. The Temple Of Darkness
9. The Last Page
10. The Way Of Passion
11. Caruso

Writer: Anthony May
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