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Sonny Landreth - Elemental journey | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sonny Landreth - Elemental journey



Sonny Landreth is a blues musician from Louisiana, best known for his slide guitar playing. "Elemental journey" is his eleventh solo album. It's an unusual album as it's a completely instrumental release - absolutely no vocals on any of the songs

There are three guests on the album - Joe Satriani on "Gaia tribe", Eric Johnson on "Passionola", and Robert Greenidge on "Forgotten story".

There is a lot of variety in the album. All the songs have great complex melodies, but there are lots of influences intermingling to create a wonderfully rich collection of tunes. As you'd expect there is plenty of beautiful slide guitar here, but the rest of the music is equally good and all works together perfectly.

I have to say I like this album - which surprises even me as its very rare for an instrumental album to hold much interest - usually after the first few tracks I'm bored and turn it off, so to like this album says a lot about how good it is. The tracks are extremely well written and there is a lot more variety than is usual on an instrumental album. It's very atmospheric and the guitar work is superb, so it's an album that I can happily listen to again and again, particularly while I'm working.

A great album - guitarists should definitely check it out, and blues slide guitar will also enjoy this album.

"Elemental journey" will be released on 28th May via Proper records

Track listing:

1. Gaia tribe
2. For you and forever
3. Heavy heart rising
4. Wonderide
5. Passionola
6. Letting go
7. Elemental journey
8. Brave new girl
9. Forgotten story
10. Reckless beauty
11. Opening sky

Writer: Anthony May
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