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Rupert Stroud - Chasing The Night | FESTIVALPHOTO

Rupert Stroud - Chasing The Night



“Chasing The Night” is the second album from Leeds singer/songwriter Rupert Stroud. Mixing alternative, indie, rock and acoustic the album is an interesting mix of influences. The lyrics are semi autobiographical and are emotive and at times thought provoking. The album has been produced by Will Jackson (The Kaiser Chiefs, Embrace, The Cribs and The Music) at the Soundworks Studios in Leeds

Cynics would say that "singer songwriter" is a glorified name for a busker, which I have to admit in some cases is probably true, but in some cases then it's an unfair criticism. Singer songwrite could also be descibed as "solo artist who doesnt fit neatly into any of the usual musical genres" - Rupert Stroud falls into this latter category. The album is more indie and alternative than rock in my opinion, but there is still rock in there too.

This is a good album, but for me it's lacking that elusive something to make it stand out and become a great album. It's the sort of album I'd probably listen to a few times then not listen to again for a long time, whereas with a great album I'd be playing it regularly.

"Chasing The Night" is out on 21st May

Track Listing:

1. 40 days & 40 nights
2. Forget you
3. Take your time
4. Hate to say
5. Heard it all before
6. On the run
7. Sunday night blues
8. No love lost
9. Human politics
10. Hangover
11. Tears for now
12. Waiting for me to break
13. Chasing the night

Writer: Anthony May
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