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Deals Death - Elite | FESTIVALPHOTO

Deals Death - Elite



Deals Death are a melodic death metal band from Sweden that was formed in 2007. An early lineup of the band featured members of Sabaton. Based in Gothenburg, this is their second album. The first album was released in 2008 and was only available digitally. Since then the band has changed it's lineup and worked on their second album, Elite, which was recorded in May 2010 - presumably the delay of two years in releasing it has been partly down to finding a suitable record deal. The band are now signed to Spinefarm and have just released Elite .

With nine songs and clocking in at just 34 minutes this isnt the longest album in the world, but Deals Death aren't alone in producing a short album sadly, and with genres like death metal it is more acceptable - a 34 minute Prog album would be unacceptably short, but a 34 minute death metal album is more accepted.

Despite the lack of a keyboard player being mentioned in the lineup, there are keyboards used on the album, but they are used sparingly - the vast majority of the album is heavy and guitar driven. The vocals are the standard growling style and are reasonably clear, but the lyrics are also printed in the CD booklet if required. Lots of power and agresssion mixed with complex riffs and melodies make this an impressive release.

Melodic Death metal is a genre that produces a wide spectrum of bands and some I really find hard to enjoy, but when done just right then the results can be really good. Deals Death have made an album that is impressively good. Sadly I can't make any of the UK dates on their current tour (supporting Scar Symmetry), but this is a band that I can imagine being well worth seeing live.

"Elite" is out on 7th May via Spinefarm records.

Deals Death are:

Olle Ekman - Vocals
Erik Jacobson - Guitar
Sebastian Myrén - Guitar
Fredrik Ljung - Bass
Janne Jaloma - Drums

Track listing:

1. Collapse
2. Fearless
3. Eradicated
4. Fortified
5. Elite
6. Conquer as one
7. Perfection
8. Hierarchy
9. Illumination

Writer: Anthony May
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