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Bangalore Choir - Metaphor | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bangalore Choir - Metaphor



Bangalore Choir were formed over 20 years ago by former Accept frontman David Reece. After releasing just one album, the band split. After an 18 year gap though they reformed to release the album "Cadence" in 2010. Now in April 2012 they're back with their third album, Metaphor.

The album was recorded in a way that has only become possible in recent years with the spread of high speed internet access. Andy Susemihl recorded all his guitar parts at his home studio in Germany and then sent them to Minnesota for David Reece to record his vocals. After that they were sent to Carson city, Nevada for Curtis Mitchell to add his guitar parts and Danny Greenberg to add the bass. These tracks were then sent back to Andy in Germany where he produced, mixed and mastered the final tracks, so there was no need to get the band together in one place during the entire process.

Comments on a couple of the tracks

"Never face ole Joe alone" has a country rock feel to it

"Catch an angel fallin" is a great blues-rock song that has a real Whitesnake feel to it.

David Reece has a great voice - a similar kind of voice to David Coverdale. Add in the great guitar work from Andy Susemihl and you've got a great combination

Metaphor is a great album. Bangalore Choir have a great hard rock sound with blues influences and will appeal to fans of bands such as Whitesnake

Metaphor will be released on 30th April via AOR Heaven.

Track listing

1. All the damage done
2. Trojan horse
3. Silhouettes on the shade
4. Metaphor
5. Don't act surprised
6. Never face ole Joe alone
7. Scandinavian rose
8. Catch an angel fallin'
9. Civilised evil
10. Fools gold
11. Always be my angel

Writer: Anthony May
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