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Black Stone Cherry & Rival Sons - HMV Forum, London - 28/03/2012 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Black Stone Cherry & Rival Sons - HMV Forum, London - 28/03/2012



The night started with Rival Sons who had a very impressive turnout - often here people stay in the pub till the headliner but Rival sons had the place packed out for their set and the huge amount of applause proved people were here early to see them not just to get a good spot for Black Stone Cherry's set. 

The band are in good form tonight and their 70s influenced sound goes down very well with the crowd. As well as playing plenty of stuff from their debut album (Pressure and time) during their 45 minute set, we are also treated to some new songs as well (I'd love to be able to tell you what they were called but if they said then I missed that, but they certainly sounded damn good).

Despite the venue being packed, they announced towards the end of their set that they'd be coming out to the merchandise stand to sign as much stuff as possible for people. It's always good to see bands doing that - it really goes down well with the fans.

Tonight's headline act was the awesome Black stone cherry. This band has grown hugely in popularity in the last three or four years, from unknowns to being able to headline sold out decent sized venues around the UK. This growth in popularity can be attributed to two key factors - they make some superb music, and they have worked like hell for it, touring relentlessly either headlining shows or support slots with bands like Def Leppard and Whitesnake. The hard work has definitely paid off though as tonights gig was sold out weeks ago, and long before Black Stone Cherry came on stage, the venue was packed to bursting point. As soon as the house lights went down the place erupted in loud cheers. 

Right from the start the band showed why their rapid rise in popularity is totally justified. They are on top form and clearly having a great time on stage. 
Lots of cheering, singing along etc
Guitarist Ben Wells is hyperactive and is constantly running around the stage, spinning around, leaping in the air and generalyl putting on a great show. He regularly swaps sides of the stage with Bass player John Lawhon, so fans on both sides of the crowd get a good look at each of them. Singer/guitarist Chris Robertson is more static which is inevitable when he's the main vocalist, but when he does get short breaks from vocals then he too moves around the stage.
As well as playing a good long set packed with their own great songs, we get an acoustic medley featuring sections of songs by artists as diverse as Alice in chains, Oasis and Adele, and later on get a section of the Amy Winehouse hit, Rehab.

This was a fantastic night of music from both bands, and hopefully we won't have to wait too long for them to be touring the UK again.

Rival Sons photos:
Black Stone Cherry photos:

Black Stone Cherry setlist:

Maybe Someday
Blind Man
Such A Shame
Hell & High Water
In My Blood
Rain Wizard
Like I Roll
Killing Floor
White Trash Millionaire
Drum Solo
Stay (Acoustic)
Medley: 30 Seconds of Death Metal (Acoustic),
Champagne Supernova (Oasis cover) (Acoustic 1st verse & chorus)
Down In A Hole (Alice in Chains cover) (Acoustic 1st verse & chorus)
Rolling In The Deep (Adèle cover) (Acoustic 1st verse & chorus)
Things My Father Said (Acoustic)
Devil's Queen
Rehab (Amy Winehouse cover) (1st verse & chorus)
Blame It On The Boom-Boom


Peace Is Free
Lonely Train


Writer: Anthony May
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