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The sun explodes - Emergence | FESTIVALPHOTO

The sun explodes - Emergence



"Emergence" is the debut album from heavy rockers The Sun Explodes. Hailing from Carlisle, they have a sound that crosses genre boundaries. At times they have a really heavy guitar driven sound, but at other times there is a very prominent use of synthesisers which gives it a totally different sound. Presonally I'm glad to see so many new bands mixing things up and not being limited by artificial genres as by mixing things up we get some interesting new sounds - sometimes it works brilliantly and at other times it doesnt work. Happily in this case it works well.

Comments on a couple of the tracks...

Title track "Emergence starts off with some guitar and drums which gradually rise in pace and intensity for almost a minute at which point the synth kicks in and becomes the dominant sound, even overshadowing the vocals.

The next track, "Honour bound" is a heavier track with the synth only used for a small part of the song, with the rest being dominated by the heavy guitars and the vocals.

There's plenty of variety between tracks both musically and vocally and that keeps things interesting. Its not going to be to everyones tastes - mixing the synth in so strongly might alienate some metal fans, but equally it could work in their favour by helping them stand out from the crowd.
Having heard the album I'm curious to see what the band are like live - I have a feeling they're likely to be very good indeed based on this. Definitely an album that is worth checking out.

Emergence will be released on 7th May but if you can't wait you can already get it from the bands website -

The Sun Explodes are:

Dave Maclachlan - Vocals, Keys
Jamie Harris - Drums
Alex Harris - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Yule - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Walker - Bass

Track listing:

1. Emergence
2. Honour bound
3. Second sight
4. Resplendence
5. We're not soldiers
6. Ignition
7. Line one
8. Pandemonium
9. Dead/alive

Writer: Anthony May
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Al_TSE Al_TSE Written 2012-03-26 02:44:19
Thanks Anthony, i hope you do manage to catch us live at some point, we certainly feel this is where we're strongest!!