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Loudon Wainwright III - Older than my old man now | FESTIVALPHOTO

Loudon Wainwright III - Older than my old man now



"Older than my old man now is the new album from Loudon Wainwright III. The title represents the fact that at the age of 65 he has lived longer than his father did. The whole album has an autobiographical theme whether and also involves several members of his family - Opening track "The here and the now" features his four children on backing vocals as well as two out of three of their mothers. A couple of songs are based on recitations written by his late father, and one song was written with his late ex-wife Kate McGarrigle.

Loudon Wainwright III has a career spanning over 40 years with this being his 22nd studio album, so his music needs little introduction as he's built up a solid fanbase during that time. In case anyone hasn't listened to any of his music, he makes some great folk music.

"I remember sex" is a duet with Dame Edna Everage (aka comedian Barry Humphries) and is quite a strange song - definitely a humorous or silly song rather than the thoughtful introspective nature of the rest of the album.

"The days that we die" brings together three generations of the Wainwright family. "My dad wrote the recitation and I'm singing with No 1 son Rufus" says Wainwright.

This is a really good album. On the one level the music is great, but when you start to listen to the lyrics then things become far more interesting. The lyrics are personal, thoughtful and paint a detailed picture. A great album.

"Older than my old man now" will be released on 16th April via Proper records.

Track listing

1. The here & the now
2. In C
3. Older than my old man now
4. Double lifetime
5. Dateline
6. All in a family
7. My meds
8. Interlude
9. Over the hill
10. Ghost blues
11. I remember sex
12. Somebody else
13. The days that we die
14. 10
15. Something's out to get me

Writer: Anthony May
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