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Kissin Dynamite - Money sex and power | FESTIVALPHOTO

Kissin Dynamite - Money sex and power



Kissin' Dynamite may be a new name to many people, but I predict that they're a band that you're going to hear a lot of over the coming months and years, particularly if you're a fan of sleaze rock. Despite their youth this is their third (and best) album to date as well as being their first since signing with AFM records.

With this album Kissin' Dynamite have found their identity. Previously they've experimented with various sounds, but have now settled on a sleazy heavy rock sound which definitely suits them.

The two singles - "Money sex & power" and "I will be king" are both really strong tracks that are already winning the band a lot of new fans judging by the number of my facebook friends who have been reposting the videos recently.

Insanely catchy choruses, great vocals, well written songs and great well played music - this is a band that's heading for big things.

Kissin' Dynamite are:

Hannes Braun (vocals)
Jim Müller (guitar)
Ande Braun (guitar)
Steffen Haile (bass)
Andreas Schnitzer (drums)

Track listing:

1. Money, Sex & Power
2. I will be king
3. Operation Supernova
4. Sex is war
5. Club 27
6. Dinosaurs are still alive
7. She's a killer
8. Sleaze deluxe
9. Ego-shooter
10. Six feet under

Writer: Anthony May
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