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Kadavrik - N.O.A.H.



N.O.A.H. is the third album from German metallers Kadavrik. Over the last nine years they've been playing some good melodic death metal, doing well in Germany but not making much impact internationally. I'm not sure why they haven't made an impact, because based on the music they certainly deserve to be much better known.

Death metal riffs with some good heavy melodies put them at the heavier end of the melodic death metal spectrum, without losing the all important melodic element.

There are some great tracks on the album - "Let my blood boil tonight" being a particularly good one. The album is unusual in having a mix of German and English songs, but the inability to understand the lyrics on the German language songs didnt detract from the enjoyment of the songs.

A very good album for fans of melodic death metal. If you havent listened to Kadavrik before, then its about time you gave them a listen.

N.O.A.H. is out on 20th February via Sonic Attack records

Kadavrik are:

Niklas Preach - vocals/guitar
Oliver Rude - bass
Chris Boss - guitar
Frank The Tank - drums
(Hateful) Han Of Hate - keyboards

Track listing:

1. Legacy
2. Adiposit Obstipation
3. Dream and vision
4. High rollin'
5. Between ecstasy and lethargy
6. Marae
7. Let my blood boil tonight
8. Rußgeschwärzt
9. Von Zerstörung Und Neuanfang
10. Die flut sind wir
11. Tragödie

Writer: Anthony May
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