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Dick Venom and The Terrortones - Rockin Rollin Vampire Man | FESTIVALPHOTO

Dick Venom and The Terrortones - Rockin Rollin Vampire Man



Dick Venom & The Terrortones are a Psychobilly band from Nottinghamshire. In case you haven't come across Psychobilly before, it's best described as a blend of Rockabilly and Punk rock.

"Rockin Rollin Vampire Man" is the new single from the band. Technically according to the press release its a Double A side - "Rockin Rollin Vampire Man" and "Sticky pants trance", but since the CD cover only has Rockin' ROllin' Vampire Man on the front then that's a normal single as far as I'm concerned.

The packaging is nicely done - instead of the usual stuff you find in a CD booklet - photos of the band, "the band would like to thank.." and a track listing, with this CD you get a nice change - a short Dick Venom comic.

Ok so what about the music? Well the punk rock element comes through strongly, and the rockabilly element is also clear. The lyrics are mainly vampire/horror based and work well with the music. The three songs on the CD are all great and I definitely look forwards to hearing them played live sometime soon.

Although the press release says "Rockin Rollin Vampire Man" is due to be released on 27th February 2012 via Jailhouse Morgue records, it's actually available now from the band's website or as a download from places like itunes and amazon.

If you're a fan of Punk or Psychobilly then I suggest you get yourself a copy of Rockin' Rollin' Vampire Man.

Dick Venom & The Terrortones are..

Dick Venom
Vicky Twist
Sugar Beats
Wrex St Clair

Track listing:

1. Sticky pants trance
2. Rockin' Rollin' Vampire Man
3. Lilly & the killers

Writer: Anthony May
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