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Mark Spiro - It's a beautiful life | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mark Spiro - It's a beautiful life



Mark Spiro is an American singer-songwriter with an impressive track record - 45 gold and platinum records, and six solo albums. He's written songs for a number of films and TV series - most notably the song "Mighty Wings" which was performed by Cheap Trick for the film Top Gun. He's written songs that have been recorded by bands including Heart, Winger and REO Speedwagon.

With that track record then I was looking forward to listening to this new album. Sadly that excitement didn't last long. The vocals are beautiful, the songs are well written (as you'd expect) and the guitar is lovely and melodic, but the drumming really feels flat and lifeless, and the album just lacks any punch - its rock's version of "Easy listening".
I suspect the problem comes from the lack of conflicting influences - like many albums where the songs are written, performed and produced by a single person then it falls short of greatness despite having a lot of potential.

The songs while all perfectly pleasant to listen to, are lacking in anything to make them stand out and be memorable - ten minutes after listening to the album the first time, not one song stuck in my mind at all.

I really can't get excited about this album I'm afraid. Quite a few melodic rock/AOR fans will probably like it and some may even rave about it, but for me it's just disappointing.

"It's a beautiful life" is due for release on 30th January 2012 on AOR Heaven.

Track listing:

1. It's a beautiful life
2. I know who I love
3. Come back to me
4. Love struck dumb
5. Go another mile
6. Dance the lonely spotlight
7. Might as well be me
8. Brand new beautiful day
9. Dream big, pray hard
10. Everything I do

Writer: Anthony May
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