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The Quill - Full circle | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Quill - Full circle



"Full circle" is hte sixth album by Swedish band, The QUill. Their last album was released in 2006, so it's been a long wait for fans, but thankfully the wait is over. The Quill have a sound that is a mix of 70s hard rock and 90s stoner rock or grunge. There is also a definite Black Sabbath influence that is noticeable when listening to the album.

Title track "Full circle" is a stronger track for me than opener "Sleeping with your enemy". It's got a Clutch/stoner rock feel to it

"White flag" is a track with a strong Black Sabbath feel to it particularly in the guitar riffs, but also to an extent in the vocals.

This is a great album that while not completely stoner rock will certainly appeal to fans of that genre, as well as appealing to fans of bands like Black Sabbath.

If you haven't listened to The Quill yet then you've been missing out - this is a great album and they sound even better live, so check them out. The band are hoping to be back in the UK in early 2012 to play some more gigs so I suggest you check out the album now then get to one of their gigs when you can.

"Full Circle" is out now on Metalville records.

Track listing:

1. Sleeping with your enemy
2. Full circle
3. Black star
4. Medicine
5. Bring it on
6. River of a moonchild
7. 24/7 groove
8. White flag
9. Pace that kills
10. No easy way out
11. Running
12. More alive
13. Waiting for the sun

Writer: Anthony May
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