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Oz - Burning leather | FESTIVALPHOTO

Oz - Burning leather



80's Scandinavian metal band Oz are back after a 20 year absence, and are marking their return with the release of "Burning Leather". The album is a mix of old and new tracks. The old songs have been re-recorded so they're the best they've ever sounded.

"We decided to include and new tracks and re-recorded old songs on "Burning Leather", because we wanted to show what OZ is about in 2011”, drummer Mark Ruffneck says. “It will be our first album since 1991 and there are whole new generations of heavy metal fans who do not
even know our old songs. And for our old supporters, it is probably interesting to hear their favorites in new versions. In conjunction with the new songs you get a package with "Burning Leather" that shows OZ as we are today.”

The music is NWOBHM (New wave of British Heavy Metal) influenced - with Saxon and Judas Priest being obvious influences here.

"Dominator" kicks off the album with a scream of guitars and a pounding drumbeat

"Turn the cross upside down" sounds like the sort of song title and has lyrics that you'd expect from a Norwegian Black Metal band rather than a band like Oz - "turn the cross upside down, feel the evil grow, burn the churches to the ground..".

The album has some great songs, excellent guitar work and strong vocals. Well worth a listen for any fans of NWOBHM bands such as Judas Priest and Saxon.

"Burning Leather" is out on 18th November 2011 through AFM records.

Oz are:

Ape DeMartini - Vocals
Mark Ruffneck - Drums
Jay C. Blade - Bass
Costello Hautamäki - Guitar
Markku Petander - Guitar

Track listing:

1. Dominator
2. Searchlights
3. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
4. Fire In The Brain
5. Seasons In The Darkness
6. Turn The Cross Upside Down
7. Burning Leather
8. Gambler
9. Enter Stadium
10. Total Metal
11. Third Warning

Writer: Anthony May
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