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Savage nomads - What the angel said (single) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Savage nomads - What the angel said (single)



"What the angel said" is the second single from The Savage Nomad's debut album, "Coloured Clutter". The band seem ridiculously young to be making music of this quality but they've managed it. When you have people like Mick Jones (The Clash) recommending them then you've got to take that seriously - musicians of his calibre dont give praise lightly. Mick Jones gave the band their big break by getting them to play his Carbon Casino events in London when the band were only in their mid teens.
I've been listening to this song for a while and struggling with how to describe them - I know I like the song, but it doesnt fit in any nice neat genre pigeonholes which makes it much harder to describe. I can see similarities to some songs from The Clash, but even that isnt a perfect comparison.

All I can say is that this is a very good song, and you need to listen to the band on myspace, facebook etc and make your own mind up about what they sound like.

Savage Nomads are:

Cole Salewicz: Guitar & Vocals
Billy Boone: Drums & Vocals
Josh Miles: Bass guitar & Vocals
Joe Gillick: Guitar & Vocals

Track listing:

1. What the angel said (single)

Writer: Anthony May
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