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Iron Savior - The Landing | FESTIVALPHOTO

Iron Savior - The Landing



"The landing" is the seventh album from German heavy metal/power metal band Iron Savior (a name that really irritates me with its American spelling for Saviour). The band was formed in 1996 by Piet Sielck, Kai Hansen (Helloween & Gamma Ray) and Thomen Stauch (Blind Guardian), with Piet Sielck now the only remaining founding member.
The band's sound is traditional power metal influenced by NWOBHM bands such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, and as is natural for a band founded with Kai Hansen there is also a Helloween influence in there too. Lyrically the band takes its influences from science fiction.

"Descending" is a nice intro, but for me it fails badly because the change from "Descending" to the first real track, "The Savior" is so badly done - instead of a smooth transition there is an abrupt sudden jump to a totally different style of music and that destroys the effect the intro is supposed to achieve.

"Starlight" is a great power metal song - a massive chorus, great guitar riffs and powerful drums, this is Iron Savior at their very best.

"Heavy metal never dies" is a song I can see going down well at festivals - a definite fists in the air anthem.

With a title like "Faster than all" the song couldnt be anything other than a driving fast power metal song that is as the title suggests, faster than the other songs on the album.

This is a very good album and fans of power metal should check it out, as should Helloween and Gamma Ray fans.

Track listing:

1. Descending
2. The Savior
3. Starlight
4. March Of Doom
5. Heavy Metal Never Dies
6. Moment In Time
7. Hall Of The Heroes
8. R. U. Ready
9. Faster Than All
10. Before The Pain
11. No Guts No Glory


Writer: Anthony May
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