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Volbeat & Black Spiders - HMV Forum, London - 29-10-11 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Volbeat & Black Spiders - HMV Forum, London - 29-10-11



A few hours before the show I found out that Black Spiders are the support band, which doesnt really come as a shock as I've lost count of how many support slots and festival appearances they've racked up in the last couple of years. They put on their usual energetic performance complete with the obligatory part where they get the crowd to chant "Fuck you Black spiders". Despite their performance being great I just cant get excited by it tonight - I'm frankly bored of seeing them as they've become overexposed recently. I'll look forwards to seeing them once they've taken a break and released a second album, but for now I'm just bored of them - a shame as they are a very good band.

Tonight's headliners are Volbeat, the Danish band that has somehow managed to fuse Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and heavy metal into something that sounds great. Tonight's show kicks off with "The human instrument" before blasting through another 13 songs which pass like a blur, such is the level of enjoyment in this packed out venue. After a short break they return to play a five song encore including their excellent cover of the Dusty Springfield hit "I only want to be with you", and ending with "Pool of booze booze booza". A great set from the Danes. A great way to spend a Saturday night in London.

Black Spiders setlist:

Stay Down
KISS Tried To Kill Me
Stick It To The Man
St. Peter
Just Like A Woman
Blood Of The Kings

Volbeat setlist:

The Human Instrument
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
Heaven nor Hell
A Moment Forever / Hallelujah Goat
The Mirror and the Ripper
Mary Ann's Place
Sad Man's Tongue
A New Day
Evelyn (with Mark "Barney" Greenway)
Radio Girl
The Garden's Tale
Rebel Monster
16 Dollars
Still Counting

A Warrior's Call
I Only Want to Be with You / Boa [JDM]
Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza


Writer: Anthony May
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