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Lahannya, Achilla & Winter in Eden - Camden Underworld, 8th October 2011 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lahannya, Achilla & Winter in Eden - Camden Underworld, 8th October 2011



Tonights opening band was Winter in Eden playing their first London show. The band are a man short as their bassist has just become a father. Their brand of symphonic metal goes down very well with the fans. Singer Vicky has an excellent voice and really puts in a great performance. For anyone who missed them tonight, Winter in Eden will be back in the London area at the end of November when they support Pythia at the Peel in Kingston on 25th November.

Next up was Achilla who have been supporting Lahannya on the whole tour. For the first couple of songs Achilla suffered from sound problems with Martamaria's voice being far too low in the mix making it almost inaudible. Daniele Panza is particularly impressive on the guitar. Tonight's set includes a cover of the Tears for fears hit "Shout"
Speaking to fans, the general feeling was that Achilla are strong musically but Martamaria's voice isnt really strong enough. Most people I spoke to felt that Achilla should have been the opening band rather than main support. These opinions may be slightly harsh, but there's little doubt that stronger vocals would make Achilla a more attractive proposition.

Last tonight came tonights headliner, Lahannya. Taking to the stage in an impossibly tight PVC outfit and with her multi-coloured hair, she's a striking sight. Lahannya draws a good sized crowd tonight, including her former drummer Belle. Her current drummer Luca Mazzucconi may have felt a bit of extra pressure but it certainly didnt show - he played a great set all night. Lahannya's set tonight included a mix of old favourites and some new material from the brand new album, Dystopia.
Lahannya announced that they'd had some delivery problems but had finally managed to get the new CD's only a couple of days earlier, so tonight's audience were some of the first people to be able to get their hands on the new album. Tonights show ends with the song that has closed many of Lahannya's shows over the years - Doors. A great end to a night of great music.

Lahannya setlist:

Never enough
Sick and tired
Dying inside
Welcome to the underground
Beautiful wasteland
Save me
Inside the machine

Writer: Anthony May
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