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Onslaught - Relentless Garage, London, 23rd September 2011 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Onslaught - Relentless Garage, London, 23rd September 2011



First up tonight on a packed bill is Fallen Fate. When they take to the stage the venue is pretty quiet - many fans are either stil on their way or are still in a nearby pub, but Fallen Fate dont let this bother them and put in a good heavy performance.

Second up tonight are Nightlord - an old thrash band who announce that tonight is their first gig for 17 years as they have recently reformed. Unsurprisingly they have an old-school thrash sound and for me they blew fallen fate away, and were actually the best support of the night.

Next up were Irish thrashers Gama Bomb. Their humourous style of thrash went down well and they got a good response when they tried some audience participation.

When Onslaught finally take the stage, everything steps up another level - the sound gets louder, the riffs get more powerful and the moshpits get bigger as Onslaught show the other bands how brutal thrash is done !
Right from the start of the set, Killing Peace gets the crowd going, and they dont stop till the end of the night. Onslaught are on great form tonight.
Tonight's set is a good mix of old and new - three songs from their latest album (Sounds of Violence), two from Killing Peace, one from In search of sanity, four from The Force, and two from Power from Hell, and its noticeable that the new material goes down just as well as the classics from many years ago.

A great night for fans of thrash metal, with Onslaught proving they are still one of the UK's best thrash bands.

Gama Bomb photos:
Onslaught photos:

Onslaught setlist

Killing peace
Born for war
Let there be death
The sound of violence
Angels of death
Planting seeds of hate
Metal forces
Code black
Flame of the Antichrist
Damnation / Onslaught (Power from Hell)


Writer: Anthony May
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