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While Heaven Wept - Fear of infinity | FESTIVALPHOTO

While Heaven Wept - Fear of infinity



Formerly best known as a doom metal band, While Heaven Wept have moved towards a new more progressive style of metal, and this album see's little trace of their Doom roots.

One criticism is the length of the album - only 7 songs ! Admittedly, the last song (Finality) is eleven minutes long, but you're still only looking at 37 minutes of music in total.

I have to be brutally honest and say that I was very disappointed in this album - the songs lack sufficient variation and tend to blur into one another, and there is little here that I'd class as memorable. Certainly a short time after listening to the album none of the songs stick in the mind.

Track Listing:

1. Hour Of Reprisal
2. Destroyer Of Solace
3. Obsessions Now Effigies
4. Unplenitude
5. To Grieve Forever
6. Saturn And Sacrifice
7. Finality

Writer: Anthony May
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