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David Byrne live in Malmo Sweden | FESTIVALPHOTO

David Byrne live in Malmo Sweden


David Byrne live in Malmo Sweden
“Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno”

The former lead singer and front man of mythic American band Talking Heads gave a brilliant show at Konserthuset in the southern city of Malmö. This time, he brought his latest work together with the talented Brian Eno: “Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno”. Surrounded by dancers, chorus and band, Byrne offered a show full of original music using at one point a typical Peruvian “cajón”.

Two drummers, a keyboard player, a bass player and three choir singers all dressed in white just like David himself is what awaited the three quarters full crowd at Malmö Konserthus. Then from song number two an extra twist, three dancers also all in white. Suddenly had the “Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno” concert transformed from just music to a real show. The 56 year old Byrne showed that he hadn’t lost his moves and maybe even learnt some new ones as he interacted with his dancers in a well choreographed performance, sometimes the dancers would hop over him or dive between his legs all the time while Byrne continued to deliver a performance worthy of the rather highly priced 600 Kr a head tickets. Halfway into the show and the audience could not contain themselves any longer as many were up on their feet and dancing along to talking heads classics such as ‘Once in a lifetime’. David Byrne was a generous man in Malmö, Sweden as he offered up a “smorgasbord” of sounds, old and new, including a generous helping of Talking Heads classics driven along by a pulsating African beat on the bongo drums. The crowd was all truly on their feet by the three encores, as Byrne and co. delivered an unforgettable performance of ‘Burning down The House’, all dressed in white tutus, including the man himself. As the performers bowed to leave the stage for the last time could we all be satisfied that it was a Friday evening and 600 Kr well spent

Writer: Richard Beaman
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